Christopher McHale
2 min readNov 9, 2022

Every small business works the same way.

The character of the business, how the business goes about the business, is a top down situation.

It’s the biggest insight you can get into the workings of a business. How the C-suite leads their lives. How they talk.

A business that’s rough to work in will be run by rough-edged leaders.

A business that’s weak will be run by unfocused leaders. The lack of focus isn’t just about their business, it’s about their life too.

And it’s basic stuff.

If a leader has a chip on their shoulder, the business will have a chip on its shoulder. If a leader is caught in some kind of self-esteem crisis, the business will lack confidence throughout its ranks. If a leader is bright, supportive and hard working, the business will be that way too.

As we sail into 2023 all your emplyess will have the same basic questions. Am I safe? Am I secure? Is my family protected?

They’ll seek the answers to these questions by watching the leaders.

Every small business works the same way.

And here’s the real point.

Every large business does as well.

You are your business. Treat yourself with the same respect you want your workers to treat you. The quickest way to a healthy busness is lead a good life.



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