The Video Game Bluff: More Shenanigans To Avoid Responsibility In Gun Issue.

Since Donald Trump has assumed office, hundreds of Americans have been slaughtered. Dancing in clubs, listening to music, attending school, shopping in malls, praying in church.

There is no place Americans can go where they will be safe from being shot. Access to military grade weapons is easy. Ammunition is plentiful. Scrutiny of buyers is minimal.

The government has failed in its primary responsibility. The government has done nothing to protect its citizens.

This is not a 2nd Amendment issue. Nothing in the 2nd Amendment prohibits restrictions and limitations on guns. This is not a mental health issue. Mental health is not a black and white area. We can’t predict how a person will behave. It is not a video game issue. Japan has the highest per capita of players of first-person shooter games and zero incidents of gun violence.

And yet President Trump has worked his way through a laundry list of possible issues merely to avoid the real issue. The guns themselves.


The NRA.

Deploying proven tactics equating unrestricted gun access with liberty, the NRA has secured a loyal voting base that terrifies politicians. The NRA is a vote delivering machine. Their purpose is to protect gun industry profit.

Armed guards in schools, good guys with guns, every massacre produces another solution. None of the solutions have any value, of course, because none of the solutions are for the problem. The problem is guns. If your problem is you always burn the toast, you don’t buy two tickets to a football game to fix it. You fix the toaster.

I can’t decide what’s more amazing. The endless creativity used to steer people away from the real problem, or the fact they get away with it.
Yesterday, the president invited a group of people to the White House to discuss video games. He has steered the conversation since the Parkland Massacre farther and farther away from the problem. And he will continue to do so, no doubt led by the NRA tactic team.

The clock is ticking to the next killing spree. And when it comes, you’ll hear new spins. I’m sure they have them ready to go.

How does it feel to live in this America?



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Christopher McHale

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