The Failed Presidency of Donald Trump

(Image: DonkeyHotey/flickr/cc)

As Trump himself said, “The time for empty talk is over.” So be it.

Living in his golden tower in the middle of Manhattan’s high priced retail district, Trump has lost touch with the nation that churns far below his gilded perch. His ‘vision’ of America emulates from the 1980’s and bears no resemblance to the world we live in. Since the 80’s we have built a diverse, vibrant global economy, history has moved on and left Trump far behind, an old man mumbling in a vinyl Barca lounger, hair plugs unsuccessfully trying to hold back the onset of old age, a tired voice from a forgotten time.

It’s important to see Trump for what he is — the last desperate attempt to hold back history, as doomed to failure as old and feeble King Canuck on an antediluvian beach holding up his fists to stop the encroaching tide. History doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t reverse course, and truth cannot be recast for power.

What we heard in his deluded inaugural address was the first shot in a long-brewing war. Nothing this relic says will alter the facts the climate is changing; the population is exploding, natural resources are dwindling, air is becoming unbreathable, and it is past time to unify the world and deal with these issues. We cannot deal with them as a world of nations and sealed borders, fighting over resources and marching in circles around national flags chanting narrow-minded anthems. There can be no way forward for the human race if we retreat into sealed borders and wars to divide us. It is not, in fact, the 1980’s.

I agree with Trump — the American carnage stops right here. Where we disagree is the fact I say Trump himself is the carnage and Trump himself will be stopped. Right here.

Make no mistake. Trump is an isolationist so out of step with the times his march against progress has a fatal quality to it that almost makes me feel sorry for the guy. Almost. History in fact never repeats itself. History writes the story and turns the page. Trump’s words were emblazoned on 100-year old newsprint, faded and tone deaf.

He had his moment, but he didn’t rise to it, he squatted. He determinedly took the low road. He postured instead of led. He pandered to the small crowd in front of him, a defiant minority president lost in the past, hoping for a unity that he demands, but steadfastly refuses to earn.

So no negotiation, no compromise. The line in the sand is drawn. Maybe Trump did us a favor by drawing it. His team lines up on the wrong side of history and trying to deploy an out-dated ideology not only makes them doomed to failure but worse, makes then completely irrelevant to the world we live in. I’m an American, so I’m sorry my nation released this plague on the world, but I’m also a human, and I’m more concerned with my planet than pledging alliance to arbitrary out-moded codes. Air is not a flag. I need it. Water is not an emotion. It sustains life.

The time for empty talk is over. We’ve heard enough.

There are so many issues to solve, problems to turn into triumphs, and time is not on our side. Trump must be pushed aside. We need to get to work. We need to take borders down, not put walls up. There is no future for the human race on the path Trump is trudging down, so let him go.

We cannot let his idiocy and irrelevance consume us. That empowers him. His focus is in the past; ours must be in the future. He will try to distract us with wars and propaganda, but it is important we refuse to go to war, and it is important we stay focused on truth.

The presidency of Donald Trump has failed. And there is nothing he can do to change it. He stepped to the podium; he swung, he missed. At moments of such import, there is no mulligan. One strike you’re out. Goodbye, Donald Trump. The up escalator is right here. Go back to your tower. The world moves on. 2018 is right around the corner. Organize.