Post-election 2¢ analysis that means nothing more than anybody else’s opinion

The election is over. Hooray!

Christopher McHale
2 min readNov 10, 2022

I wake up and smile.

We’re past it.

Come on. Breathe. You know you’re happy about it.

The election is over!

Damn, American elections have become a swamp of lies and fear, and broken relationships.

Most politicians have lost their minds. Policy is a non-starter. Anger is the flag we march under. What a way to run a country.

On one side are secret pedophiles running a cabal of flesh-eating maggots meeting under a pizza parlor. Vote for me.

This guy means freedom, and that guy means doom

What a total load of bullshit.

End to end.

And here’s the thing: Most American couldn’t give a damn about any of it. We just want to lead our lives. Have a family. Buy some groceries. You know, be normal.

If I won the billion dollar lottery, I wouldn’t give a penny to any politician.

I saw a singer in a small club last Saturday night that was more of a leader for this country than every single politician. I mean, who are these guys?



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