Christopher McHale
1 min readOct 27, 2023
Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

Fill in the blanks. Nothing ever changes.

Yesterday, the world was shocked when a man opened fire with an automatic rifle killing ____ people.

“I am sending thoughts and prayers,” said ________ , Senator from ______. The President said he was being. kept up to date, and Governor _______ said he was shocked. “This is doesn’t happen here. The people of _______ are good people.”

Eye witnesses said the shooter walked in the front door and began firing. “We hid in _____ for ____ minutes. I texted my ______. “

The police said early reports stated the gunman had been suffering from _______, but somehow he had gotten a gun.

The NRA issued a statement saying _____ ______ _______ 2nd amendment rights.

The gunman posted a manifesto on social media saying there too many ______ and the government was not _______. “It’s time to ______.”

“He was a quiet guy,” a neighbor said. “Once he looked after our ______.”



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