D-Corp: Shake Up Bland Corporate Meal with a Pinch of Decentralization

Christopher McHale
4 min readFeb 21, 2024

Money markets too tight? Try a D-Corp diet to get your original IP Dev in shape.

I listened in on an online a conference last week. (For penance say 3 Holy Molies)

I listened to SUCCESSFUL EXECUTIVES tell me what is wrong with the world. A lot, if you’re trying to finance development of original IP.

Look, the business landscape changes faster than you can say that 4-letter curse word “blockchain.”

Crypto scams live! Stay far away! Except.

The hunt for a corporate structure that doesn’t make creativity weep in the corner has birthed the D-Corp. And yes, it comes off of Digital Pirate Island. But is there a way to live and learn and modify and maybe find an answer here?

Picture the traditional corporate ladder, but now it’s more of a corporate web — spun with the silk of decentralized decision-making and high-tech wizardry. That’s way more cool! This isn’t your grandma’s corporation; it’s a lean, mean, collaborative machine. or a tleast I hope it is. You tell me. (please!)

Let’s dive into why D-Corp might just be the secret sauce for teamwork dreams. (sorry for the ‘dive in’ thing.)

Unpacking the D-Corp Suitcase



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