Christopher McHale
2 min readMar 25, 2024

You become what you write so be careful what you write.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I like the phrase ‘creator economy.’ After all, I’ve been making a good living from my creative for over 35-years. I know my way around creativity. I built the skills and got good at it. I’m a card carrying member of the creator economy. Or am I?

Recently, when I was pitching a project to an investor, it was suggested I might use the creator economy to fund my project. So I checked it out. I worked in digital marketing for video game industry, so I understood the bones of it. I watched some Mr. Beast. Looked at some influencers. And there’s Medium.

The platform is drenched in creator economy tips. On any visit to this platform I treated to lust of how to make money, side gig, retire from my writing.

This stuff is intersting. Blog every day. Use Google Trends. Use AI. The problem with all this though is simple. Time.

I’m a writer. A composer. A producer. Perfecting my craft, telling my stories, building my projects, writing my novels, my scripts, writing my songs, my creativity allows me no time for the creator economy.

Headspace is another issue. I need downtime to feel my way to creative solutions to my stories.



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