This Is Us

The truth of your life is always there — and the more you hide from it, the worse it haunts you

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The cops swarmed toward us.

Have you ever been in a riot?

There were screams, but there was also silence. Enough silence to hear bones crack.

Out of that memory grows a profound connection.

In my life, I’ve wandered into some wild places. I’ve taken long drives in the night…

John Huston succumbs to Prairie Fever when this 1960 Burt Lancaster feature goes off the rails.

Audrey Hepburn in The Unforgiven

John Sayles, John Huston’s assistant director on the film, The Unforgiven, remembers that John Huston would “talk about race relations in the South and address questions of bigotry. Those were things he thought people should talk about.”

It’s 1960, so it’s easy to understand why Huston was looking for an…

With three months to go before a wrap in the production of No Time To Die, Bond producers fired composer Dan Romer, who departed due to creative differences with the film’s production company Eon Productions. After seeing the film, one wonders exactly what those creative differences were.

When Bond veteran…

I watched the Towers fall from Union Square. It’s the sound I remember most. And the smell. A couple of weeks later I wrote this story.

Being in a rock and roll band is like getting in bed with a rattlesnake; you don’t get much sleep and there’s a good…

The aftermath of the pandemic is brutal, especially for creative workers in our cities.

In 2019, 61 million people visited New York City, and they didn’t come to watch rich people fly out to the Hamptons. They came to dine in restaurants staffed by beautiful young people, painting by day, serving by night. They came to watch dancers in A Chorus Line, or hear…

We light the Olympics torch in a changed world.

I used to dream of being in the Olympics. As a teen, I started running long-distance. Every day it was my favorite time of day, putting on my shoes and running for hours, getting lost in cities, across bridges, through parks, down market lanes and hidden alleys. I dreamed.


Christopher McHale

Writer | Composer | Producer | Human | Christopher writes about creativity, culture, technology, music, writing.

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